Only An Enemy Would

News, Fake News, or No News, the world is looking at full blown authoritarian government in numerous formerly free nations. The broadcast networks strive to make things worse broadcasting constant untruths and division among peoples. As outright 'in your face' insurrection occurs before our eyes, the people must stop them or be ruled and controlled by them; but we can stop them and it's going to get messy. Remember, freedom is not free.

Infrasound & Sound Resonance As Weapons

If you tap a fork against a wineglass, the tinkling sound it produces is its natural frequency. Any object reproducing this frequency will cause the glass to vibrate or even break. This common phenomenon is known as resonance. Knowing that solid objects can be shattered by sound, ask yourself, how fragile are you?

Music & Sound Resonance As Tools

All objects possess what is known as a natural frequency, or a frequency at which that object vibrates. This common phenomenon is known as resonance and occurs because the sound displaces nearby air particles which crash into the object like invisible waves causing it to vibrate. Music too often contains resonant sound frequencies which effect the listener..


I can take you by the heart and lead you back home. I am your best and truest companion. With me you comforted children, healed hearts, and saved lives. I was there when your mother rocked you and there when you fell in love and later in your broken spirit of heartache. Still, I stood beside you creating and innovating for only you are you..

Freedom Is Not Free

When authoritarian tyranny and injustice from governments plague the people, we find strengths in ourselves that we never knew was there. That's when shoves aside the keyboard and takes up arms, our instruments. When freedom is in jeopardy, answers the call..

Music and Illness – COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic weighs heavy on all of our minds and continues to test our strengths. Many of us are deeply concerned, others hurting in numerous ways. Here's something that might cheer you up and help you defeat this little micro nuisance invading our world.

Hardship to Heartache

During the American Great Depression era, Woody Guthrie was a well rounded self taught folk acoustic guitarist of unique skill struggling to survive among the people of the Dust Bowl. Born in 1912, his story reminds me of myself with his ability to create songs on the fly right from his imagination and real life.

Choose A Musical Direction

Music is your representative. When you send your representative out, you want it to make a good impression. Your music says a lot about you; who you are, what you stand for. That said, the first thing you should consider about your music is what you are going to do with it...

What is a Genre?

So we asked, what in the world is a "genre?" This is one of the strangest terms. What is it and how is it applied to music? Simply put, it is a word for the different musical categories, marketing groups, or a certain style of music. The word 'genre' is from the 19th century French language based on Latin which literally means "a kind"...

Tin Foil Hat Vs Radiation Suit

I once saw a t-shirt which read "They are watching you and they are out to get you!" It was merely a joke that could perhaps carry some truth in it. We know we're being watched. Revelations like this tune inform us. Don't be thrown off by claims versus reality. We're not stupid...

You’re Dreaming. Get to Work.

If we can, we want to make a difference to help make things better or at least matter. We're all dreamers, that's for certain and I get it; you want nice things, cool things. You hope to accomplish big things. Nothing wrong with that but just how far are you willing to go to get them?