USA Flag 'Old Glory'

Freedom Is Not Free

Sucker Punch . The Angry American . 2001

When the global terrorist group known as Al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001, I was on a job in northern California. As I watched it 'live' on tv in horror and disbelief, I called a couple friends to tell them to turn on the news. We watched highjacked aircraft used as weapons attack the U.S. in mulitple locations. Afterward, as the weeks went by it all became so disheartening to watch the clean up and learn of the real losses, human lives. It made me so sad until I got mad and decided I had to answer the call in some way.. and I wasn't alone in that reaction either. Millions felt the same.
Left: Toby keith sings 'Courtesy of the Red White and Blue, also known as 'The Angry American.'

Answering The Call . American Soldier . 2003

When we send our soldiers away to do what they do best, we all feel the pain. We worry, hope and pray. Some can't see what it is that lives inside an American that makes them want to defend the entire world from tyranny as if it's their job; yet time after time, they call on America to come to their aid. Jesus said it, "Ask and you shall receive." Who are we to refuse? Maybe it is our job to fight against evil in whatever form it rears its ugly head. Maybe we are supposed to help our fellow man when he's in trouble. Maybe we care. If you don't know why, I feel sorry for you. Toby Keith sings 'American Soldier.'

Coming Apart At The Seems . Am I The Only One? . 2020

Watching traitors treasonously attempt to overthrow United States President Donald J. Trump really upset me, especially since it seemed that half of the government officials were in on it. Politicians were lying to the world while the media followed suit hoping to sway not only public opinion, but what the people would believe or even find out. Protests were everywhere but oddly not in defense of the president nor the Constitution. Instead, flags were burning, buildings set on fire, city blocks commandeered as riots ran amuck. Historical statues were being toppled as authorities stood by doing nothing. Sometimes we just need a song to help make sense of it all and maintain some level of truthful sanity. Coming apart at the seems, pun intended.   Aaron Lewis sings 'Am I The Only One'.

Defending Your Rights . I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly . 2021

Now we're standing together across the globe. People are in upheaval and violent protest as government Authoritarian type rule strikes the planet during the coronavirus pandemic. Tyranny was everywhere as survival supplies were systematically taken and kept from the people. Locked indoors under government mandate and forced vaccinations played only a small part of the ugly head governments around the world reared against their own peoples. Sometimes you just want to shout, stomp, and really throw a grown up tantrum in the streets to tell everyone how you feel about it. We'll do it for you.
FiveTimesAugust sings 'I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly' in protest along with all you see in this video.

They say that music imitates life. Sometimes it's the other way around. It's times like these in which we find strength in ourselves that we never knew was there. That's when shoves the computer keyboard aside and takes up arms, our instruments. When we see wrong, we have to speak out and what better way to be heard than through song? Everybody loves music. Rest assured that as long as we live, we will make music that fits your hurt, anger, or fear in the hope that it helps you too find your hidden strengths and perhaps be inspired to help spread the word. We're not giving up and even when you feel like it, the music will pick you up and set you back on track. You are stronger than you know. All that's left is for us to convince ourselves. Don't let them win. We're standing up to the bullies. Stay strong. Be true.