Musical Movie

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"The Legend of 1900"

Max, a down on his luck trumpet player decides to give up playing and sells his trumpet to a pawn shop. While there, he plays one last tune on his horn remembering the past. As he tells the story of his friend 1900 to the pawnbroker, the scene flashes back to his days as the trumpet player on board the Virginian.

Abandoned by his immigrant parents during a transatlantic crossing, 1900 was born aboard the early 1900s ocean steam liner 'The Virginian.' He never knew who his parents were. As he grew up on board, he learns to play piano solely by ear and becomes the pianist of the on board orchestra. As far as the world was concerned, no one knew he existed outside of the other crew members.

Then one day, 1900 meets Max, who landed job as the trumpet player with only a one minute audition and now a bad case of sea-sickness. They instantly become friends with a ride around the dance floor on a rolling grand piano. From there, the musical ocean adventure begins.