Did You Know? Theodore Presser Company is the longest continuing music publisher in the U.S.
Welcome to the biggest succeeding failure you’ll find. Welcome to the place that has more successfully selling songs than anyone ever has or ever will yet has nothing to show for it. I’m just a thing you do to amuse yourselves; I don’t really matter.

When I was a kid growing up back in the 60s they used to tell me that in America, I could be anything I wanted to be so I thought it meant I could achieve anything and soon, I would develop a love for music. Do you care? Not really and we both know it but hey, check this out:

I’ve been a pretty good friend to you for some time whether you realize it or not. I know most folks sometimes take their friends for granted but this is a bit much. I was there for you pretty much all of your life and you just used me like I didn’t matter for your fun any time you wanted. Ate me up and spit me out.

But still, I was always there for you; your best and truest companion. Throughout your life I was there to help you, guide you, pick you up and calm you down. With me, you comfort the broken, lift up the hopeless, save lives, and healed hearts.

Don’t you remember back then? We cried together, played together, worked together, partied and danced together? I was, gratefully humble, truly your best friend and lifelong companion. And now you just leave me to die @ dead stop now that you’ve had your fun.

I am music. I am the music that flows from your soul and into the world, the music you love and loved most of your life. That’s it. I am your friend and I am music, the creator of all the tunes you know and love, known and loved. I am sick now and putting a spin on things. As Matthew West would hopefully inform and inspire with the tune; I too am a story “Untold.” One thing is certain about us all: We’re better creatures than this. We should do better than we are.

Welcome to the site 😀 Don’t forget that I’m under reconstruction so there is still much to be added. Keep checking back. I’ve got so much material to share with you guys and I can hardly wait. This is gonna be fun so dive right in >>>

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