Only An Enemy Would

News, Fake News, or No News, the world is looking at full blown authoritarian government in numerous formerly free nations. The broadcast networks strive to make things worse broadcasting constant untruths and division among peoples. As outright 'in your face' insurrection occurs before our eyes, the people must stop them or be ruled and controlled by them; but we can stop them and it's going to get messy. Remember, freedom is not free.

Freedom Is Not Free

When authoritarian tyranny and injustice from governments plague the people, we find strengths in ourselves that we never knew was there. That's when shoves aside the keyboard and takes up arms, our instruments. When freedom is in jeopardy, answers the call..

Music and Illness – COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic weighs heavy on all of our minds and continues to test our strengths. Many of us are deeply concerned, others hurting in numerous ways. Here's something that might cheer you up and help you defeat this little micro nuisance invading our world.

Tin Foil Hat Vs Radiation Suit

I once saw a t-shirt which read "They are watching you and they are out to get you!" It was merely a joke that could perhaps carry some truth in it. We know we're being watched. Revelations like this tune inform us. Don't be thrown off by claims versus reality. We're not stupid...