Music and Illness – COVID-19

These are trying times indeed. The COVID-19 pandemic weighs heavy on all of our minds and continues to test our strengths. Many of us are deeply concerned, others hurting in numerous ways. Here's a few recently released songs that will cheer you up and help you defeat this little micro nuisance invading our world.

Music Joins in the Fight

This is a good opportunity to illustrate the different purposes of music and song and how it is used in relationship to our real lives. Despite both songs dwelling on the same topic, the style of each tune is completely different. One in Country and one in Hard Rock, both songs carry the same idea but have a near opposite outlook. Music also relates to us as we to music.

Music can carry most any meaning or purpose the composer wishes to portray. The performer gets the message across to the listeners. Both song examples do an excellent job of pulling it off. Left: Big & Rich perform 'Stay Home.'

Performers know that their audience expects a particular something from them, and so they accomplish the task in the manner for which they have become known. As it always has, music carries a special meaning for each listener and they look to certain performers for that particular style of music or message. The performer pleases their fans or chances losing them. Music has a way of treating or even curing many of our ailments in life. If only music could cure a disease like COVID-19 so easily.

Music and Illness

Sadly friends, music can't yet cure a virus such as COVID-19, but it certainly can help in the treatment of illness. Music can literally make you feel better. Music soothes the soul, stirs the spirit, offers up an appreciation of one of life's most important features, our ability to feel and express.

I've seen music cure illness. I've been cured by music myself. Music is great at curing sadness or unhappiness. It can instill hope, comfort the hurting,  even save lives. "Music certainly does tame the savage beast." Who knows? Maybe one day we can use it to cure the body. Left: Mike Campbell performs 'Lockdown.'

Please do your best to keep you and your family safe during this pandemic. Try not to let it get you down. But if it does, just remember that the music and musicians are here for you too. We want to make you feel better. We want you to be well and continue enjoying and using music as a favored and preferred part of your lives.