Only An Enemy Would

Limitless Freedom

Foreign collusion, insurrection, mishandling classified documents, questionable election interference plus so much more like violating constitutional rights and laws, discrimination in hiring and agency appointments, money laundering, money trafficking, bribery, influence peddling, compromising national security, weaponized justice against the people and political opponents, indoctrinating children with racism and sexism, forced commercial mandates, forced social acceptance of free running pedophilia, and even more like arming global terrorist groups, abandoning soldiers and allies behind enemy lines, colluding and funding foreign enemies, plus censoring and silencing free speech and inhibiting the free exercise of religion. Are we really ready for the New World Order?  Left: FiveTimesAugust performs 'Joe' from his 2021 album 'Silent War.'

We've heard them boast success. We've seen them condescendingly laugh when questioned because they are doing it all on purpose and they think that we must be stupid to question them as if we should know the answer already, so they LOL all day long all the way to the bank. Only the truth can convince you.

Only An Enemy Would

Only an enemy would end the country's production of resources to inhibit the nation's strength, energy and economic independence.
Only an enemy would release terrorists from prison in Guantanamo Bay to rule and terrorize the world again.
Only an enemy would give $86 Billion of the world's top weapons to multiple terrorist groups.
Only an enemy would consort with, arm, and fund other nations for war and use your money to do so.
Only an enemy would then open your borders intentionally exposing you to newly armed enemies.
Only an enemy would order border agents and immigration officials to stand down and allow a foreign invasion.

Only an enemy would smuggle illegal non-citizens into the nation unchecked.
Only an enemy would allow illegal foreign invaders into the nation unchecked for disease or criminal history.
Only an enemy would continually allow smuggling of deadly drugs into the nation or the abuse and enslavement of children by those smugglers.
Only an enemy would engage in a year after year personal hate crime vendetta against their political opponents.
Only an enemy would write, post, speak, campaign, report, print, and broadcast blatant lies in order to deceive the unaware for pure political purposes.
Only an enemy would attempt to change the election laws to keep themselves in power!

Only an enemy would indoctrinate your children behind your back with racism, sexism, and desire above responsibility and morality.
Only an enemy would treat parents as a criminal for protecting their children from said enemy.
Only an enemy would weaponize government authorities against its own people.
Only an enemy would defund and take away your protection from criminals.
Only an enemy would protect criminals from the rule of law while charging those defending it.

Only an enemy would defend, protect, and force the people of 'one nation under God' to accept wanton homosexuallity, lesbianism, transsexuals, and pedophilia as a rightful part of humanity's social structure.
Only an enemy would attempt to force private commercial businesses to serve their demands above all others.
Only an enemy would regularly attempt to circumvent and forcibly violate the laws and courts of the nation.
Only an enemy would attempt to silence the people's freedom of speech to ensure that only one view or voice is allowed.
Only an enemy would do all of this at your expense and do it at the height of a global pandemic exposing you to life threatening infection.

"We have forgotten that our nation grew strong in an era when moral standards were taught and practiced; The world has grown weak because we now condone that which we once condemned." Billy Graham sees the truth.

News, Fake News, or No News

I want all of you to know that I hold all of this against every member of all three branches of the United States government. Your failure to do your job properly shows the world just where you stand. Your regular betrayal of democracy and freedom has cost American lives for decades, and to be honest, you look like a band of power hungry thieves from here.

Thanks to the U.S. government, the world is looking at full blown authoritarian government in numerous formerly free nations, more so in the United States. The broadcast networks strive to make things worse broadcasting constant untruths and division among peoples. Morality, patriotism, and even belief in a creator seem to have fallen as much of humanity returns to their animal instincts. As outright 'in your face' insurrection occurs before our eyes, the people must stop them or be controlled by them; but how? I have no doubt that it's going to get messy but we must act. Freedom is not free. Evil will flourish where good people do nothing to stop it.  Right: FiveTimesAugust performs 'Silent War' from his 2021 album 'Silent War.'