Tin Foil Hat Vs Radiation Suit

Did You Know? Sad News: Early Blues guitarist Robert Johnson was murdered. Legend has it that he made a deal with the devil for talent he already possessed and was cheated.
Let’s Quit Screwing Around, Ok?
Radar Love

Most folks with some perception learn early in life how this place works. Still, there are some things which seem to take a lifetime to completely understand and even then, there are parts which can be simply indiscernable. Some things just don’t make sense and others can be something other than what it seems. The “suit” referred to in my title is one for the courts. I once saw a t-shirt which read “They are watching you and they are out to get you!” It was merely a joke that could perhaps carry some truth in it. We know we’re being watched. Revelations such as this tune inform us. Why be thrown off by what you’ve been taught coupled with the facts of reality?

Psychic Phenomenon? Get Real
Eye in The Sky

Let’s try a few perspectives and maybe gain a little insight from this one. Alan Parson wants so to inform you of simple simplicity staring you right in the face. Nobody wants to talk about this and I’ve asked myself for many years why. Why not discuss it? Why is this idea something we learn but must keep to ourselves instead of trying to understand it? That’s where I came in. Like Mr. Parson, I too want to know the truth of life around me. Questions arise and hey, we want the answer. We don’t like mysteries, not really unless they can be solved. Ok, so what is the truth of it all? Let’s see; I am here. You are here. We live. We feel. We wonder. Life is hard, not for everyone but for too many it’s an outright struggle. We live. We grow old and die. These are the facts of life.

It’s Not Exactly Rocket Science
Every Breath You Take

Truth be told people need something or someone they can count on. Someone they know will be there if things get beyond our control or understanding. At times, we can offer our assistance; other times, we need help and fast. For those who believe in God, this does it for them and sure enough, it proves to be true more times than not for some. Do they know something we don’t? Maybe. Maybe we just don’t see it yet. But one day you will and that’s when you really grow up. What’s the big secret to life? While we spend our lives constantly convincing ourselves that “hey, I’ll have to see it to believe it” truth is, “you have to believe it to see it.” So believe in magic. Open your mind to the wealth and maze of possibilities and you can accomplish almost anything. Don’t be afraid. Even though they are watching, they are not out to get you. Like you, they only want to help. So if you are donning that tin foil hat, be sure to ground it; otherwise it’s an amplifier. 😀

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