The Storms of Life

Home Is Where The Heart Is . This Ain't Nothin' . 2010

It happens every year; disaster seems to have become the norm. Certainly we all hope that it never happens to us and even if it doesn't, we know someone who's seen the worst of it. I've heard it said that 'everything you have is worth losing.' For the survivor, that hard part has only begun. To some losing all you have is too much to bear. One might cry out to God, hug a neighbor, wonder why, or just try to move on. All that's really left is getting to work picking up the pieces of what's left. How we respond to loss or disaster is often determined by what we value most and how prepared we are to face the challenge. Starting over is hard for everyone but some things can't be replaced. Left: Craig Morgan sings 'This Ain't Nothin' from his 2010 album 'That's Why.'

The Storms Of Life . Praise You In This Storm . 2005

"After half a day of dodging foot diameter pine trees flying through the air like missiles, it all suddenly stopped. The sun came out and the sky turned blue. We were in the eye. I was standing in three foot of water in the street looking up and I could see the eyewall just edging over. Turning around I saw a thirty foot tall wall of water racing down the street and through the surrounding forest straight toward me. I swam for the house. As I reached the door water was already streaming in. I slammed the door, as if that would keep it out. Entering the living room I could see water climbing up the windows on the outside well above my head. I grabbed the screaming cat off the mantel and waded toward the attic access. Water was at the ceiling as I climbed inside the attic and when the rising waters got up to my neck I cried out 'Lord Jesus, help us!'

Casting Crowns performs 'Praise You In This Storm'

Enough Is Enough . By Your Side . 2008

I know your asking yourself 'How can I take it?' What is enough to get us through the many storms of life? Actually, quite a lot. When disaster strikes our rescue comes from not only disaster assistance but charities, churches, authorities, and emergency personnel arrive to help and restore order. Even those affected find the strengths to help each other. One time our local neighborhood store owner threw open his doors and told everyone to 'take what they needed no charge and leave some for others.' Around every corner prayers go out for spiritual strength and guidance. Too, loved ones and strangers show up to get you out, get you help, or help rebuild. God is everywhere and in us all. He brings out the best in us. God is enough.
Left: Tenth Avenue North performs 'By Your Side' from their 2008 album 'Over And Underneath.'