Guitar Chord Tabs by Scale

Feel free to use and refer to the Guitar Chord Tabs. Bookmark this page for your return. The tabs are shown arranged by the key of chord and by progression of scale on page two. Do not copy or link to the images on this page. Instead, download a free Guitar Chord Tab Chart here.

How to Interpret Guitar Tablature

chord tab
C chord

x - Top end of chord tab indicates do not play the string
o - Top end of chord tab indicates to play the string open

red dot

Red dots indicate which string to press at what fret. Number suggests finger to use.

Numbers above chord tab illustrate each of the strings
Line above tab illustrates the nut or tuning head end of guitar
Horizontal lines depict the frets or fret bars
Vertical lines depict the strings 1-6 (right to left)
Letters under chord tab illustrate the key of string

There are countless variations of chords for any instrument of the major and minor scaling system. Composers and performers alike often apply combinations of chords and/or chord sevenths creating an appoggiatura and other tone effects in their music. The tabs posted include all of the standard chords through the fourteenth fret. The chord tabs displayed in progression of scale make it easy for you to see the common occurring fingering patterns as they climb the fret board. Once you know the pattern, you can simply transpose it along the fret board. Scales too are included in these patterns. This illustration of the chords is helpful in recognizing the fingering patterns and identifying the chords when sight reading or playing an instrument. For more info on interpreting string tablature, review the string tablature section in notation.


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