Choose A Musical Direction

compass Your Representative

Music is your representative. When you send your representative out, you want it to make a good impression. Your music says a lot about you; who you are, what you stand for. That said, the first thing you should consider about your music is what you are going to do with it. Music serves many a purpose and choosing the right one can make or break the game for you. You must give your music a direction. Something this powerful must be planned.

Business Is Business wants to know. What's the plan? If its the music business, you'll be told what to do and expected to carry it out, just like any other job really. Like most jobs, the task will be outlined for you but it's up to you and your professional ability to make it work. The sponsors/contractors are counting on you. So goes the life of a studio musician.

Freelancing is for dreamers. They are not going to let you jump on stage or in the studio and play what you want. Take a lesson from Woody Guthrie over here; they have and are representatives too. Here we go again, back to the plan. "But you just said... nevermind." Business is business. Think direction.

Making A Decision

Create musical movie soundtracks if you want, lots of skill involved in that. Make up some good dance tunes, people will dance. Compose love songs and ballads. We need those too. Break some hearts, heal some souls, save some lives, because you can. Music can literally serve any real life purpose you like. Pick one and stick to it. When you're ready, call in the big boys if that's your direction.

Don't take any articles, statements, or material on out of context. It all goes together as a single informative entity. It's kind of like a movie or a book. If one thing leans a direction, something else brings it home. This is our online family; I'm glad you came by.