Introduction to the Music Dictionary

Welcome to the Music Dictionary, an A - Z outline of musical terms with origins, definitions, common uses, and illustrations. Compiled and written by RDBuras

To navigate the Dictionary, simply click on a letter in the bar menu. In the Music Dictionary you will find:

~ the individual musical terms listed in bold text and placed in alphabetical order for ease in locating specific words.

~ the individual terms language of origin in parenthesis followed by its English translation set in quotation marks.

~ the individual terms definitions and descriptions worded in laymen's terms to aid in common understanding of its meaning.

~ the individual term descriptions contain brief outlines of its common use in daily life and musical circles.
~ some individual terms will be linked to other articles directly related to it.
~ some terms will contain links to other related or pertinent articles or definitions.
~ many terms have pictured illustrations to aid in their interpretation or recognition.
~ composers and their careers are not included. Composers category is an upcoming project.
~ most instruments and parts of instruments are not included other than more influential ones. Refer to the Instruments category (ongoing project).
~ most dance styles are not included though some more influential ones are. The dance category is a future project.

I am certain that you will find the RDBuras Music Dictionary an invaluable resource of musical information and guidance. We want you to enjoy using it and hope that you find it a strong benefit to all of your musical pursuits. Help spread the word by sharing and The RDBuras Music Dictionary with others.

Reference Notes: An unlimited number of words and terms, some invented, of many different languages have been used in or applied to music, musical scores, composers, and the like throughout the ages. It would be literally impossible to list and define them all. Many term origins, meanings, translations, or applications found written in musical compositions and publications throughout history are simply no longer available for some applied terms.

Through complicated and extensive research and effort, I have tried to locate and/or correct these when and if possible. strives to maintain one of most thorough and accurate music glossaries online. While the Music Dictionary remains completely free for public use and viewing, we welcome your contributions to the effort. Helping you is the primary purpose of Thank for considering our cause of value to you.