Music Dictionary H

Hairpin - Historia

Hocket - Hypo Mode

H - (German) "B-natural"; German term for the tone B

Hairpin - colloquial term for the symbols denoting crescendo and decrescendo

Half-cadence - semi-cadence; a cadence which comes to rest on the dominant V chord sounding weak as if needing continuance

Half-note - a note with half the duration of a whole note; minum; notation symbol indicating to play half the measure

Half-trill - a trill of only four notes; compact trill

Harmonic - any member of a harmonic series; a sound wave with a frequency that is a positive integer multiple of the frequency of the original or fundamental frequency

Harmonic Rhythm - the rhythm or pace of harmonic change occurring in music

Harmonics - octave tones produced on stringed instruments by gently touching the string while ringing the main tone creating a transparent tonal quality; chiming

Harmonie - (French) "harmony"; late 18th to early 19th century wind ensembles of 2-13 members whose main job is to provide music for social events

Harmony - combination of two or more tones to produce chords and their successive production of chord progressions

Harpège - (French) "arpeggiated";  Baroque direction to play arpeggiated

Hausmusik - (German) "house music"; music that is performed at someone's home;

Head-motif - an opening musical passage or phrase on each movement of a composition which establishes a link between them

Heldentenor - (German) "heroic tenor"; a tenor with a powerful vocal ability

Help 2 - (English) to render assistance when needed

hemidemisemiquaver - a note with 1/64th duration of a whole note; Right: hemidemisemiquaver (1/64th notes) & rest

Hemiola - a variation of the time-signature that conflicts with the main beat

Hemitonic - musical scale of five notes per octave with one or more semitones

Hertz - the unit of measurement of sound wave frequencies; abbreviated: Hz

Hervertretend - (German) "pronounced, prominent"; direction to emphasize a musical part that could be overwhelmed by the other parts

Heterophony - simultaneous variation of a single melodic line of monophonic music of one basic melody in multiple voices, each playing the melody either in a different rhythm or tempo, developed during the Middle Ages

Hexachord - (Greek) "six chords"; the six tone hexatonic scale of the Middle Ages into the Baroque period from the 11th to 17 century; Below: hextonic scale

Historia - (Greek) "account"; a musical account of historical events

Hocket - a Medieval practice of sharing vocal parts among two or more vocalists; a vocal melody which is shared between vocalists so that when one stops singing, another starts; French: "hoquet"

Hofweise - (German) ""; a German song of the Renaissance known for its courtly style of chivalry; a German romance or love song of the Renaissance

Hold - to play a note longer than written or per composer's direction; see fermata

Hold-sign - notation instructing the player to hold a note longer; see fermata

Homage - dedicated to another; in honor of another's life or life's work

Homometer - homorhythm; homophony

Homophonic - vocal music in which the higher voice sings the main melody while other voices provide the harmonies

Homophony - (Greek) "same sound"; movement in unison or in collaboration; that which sounds the same or similar; opposite of polyphony (independently)

Homorhythm - a musical style of identical or similar rhythms among all parts of a composition; rhythmic unison; see also homophony

Horn - any variety of tubed wind instruments in which sound is produced by vibrations on a mouthpiece

Horn Band - 18th century Russian band of single tone hunting horns

Hornbostel-Sachs - a system of musical instrument classification devised by Erich Moritz von Hornbostel and Curt Sachs, and first published in the Zeitschrift für Ethnologie in 1914

Hostage tone - a note which does not belong held for an indefinite duration

Hornpipe - a single reed instrument; a hard shoe dance of England, Ireland, and Scotland

Humoresque - (German) "humorous"; a genre of Romantic music of comic mood

Humstrum - an extinct English fiddle with four wire strings on a tin canister

Hhüpfend - (German) "hopping"; the act of playing a string by springing or hopping the bow onto the strings of a violin, cello, bass, and similar instruments

Hurtig - (German) "quick, rapid"; play in an agile style; to move quickly

Hymn - a vocal song of devotion, celebration, or praise, usually religious in nature; worship songs for choir written from ancient times up until today

Hymnal - a collection or book of hymns

Hymnary - a collection or book of hymns

Hymnist -a writer or composer of hymns; hymnodist

Hymnody - the singing or composition of hymns

Hymnology - the study of hymns, hymnists, or hymnody

Hypo Mode - four of the eight plagal modes of Gregorian plainchant in which the melody moves below the final, originating from ancient Greece