String Section

Once you separate each instrumental section and its parts, we find that the instruments have much in common. Many will carry much of the same or similar history of development, origin, use, and composing. They all use the same major and minor scaling system of tone pitches A through G, outside of percussion. Too, many of the instruments we study were once used but are now obsolete or are replaced by more more advanced versions.
Below is a comparison of stringed instruments still in use in the orchestra and other ensembles. It is not meant to portray all of the stringed instruments but mainly the ones we use most. Info on these individual instruments is found at the links below the image.

Guitars & Other Chordophones in Modern Use | These stringed instruments are only used in the orchestra for specific compositions or solo performances.




Acoustic Resonator



Hollow Body Electric

5 String Electric Bass

4 String Electric Bass

Silent Guitar

The Viol Family & Other Chordophones in Widespread Orchestral Use | These stringed instruments are common staples of the modern symphony orchestra.