Introduction to A Unique Musical History


Introduction to A Unique Musical History by RDBuras

Introduction - A Unique Musical History by RDBuras is not a reference manual. It is a story about the historical growth and development of music written from a unique point of view. Let the music tell you how it got here.

The story is not meant to strictly detail the historical and technical figures. Rather, it is meant to entertain you with a detailed walk through the musical ages. The story describes the different eras and time periods of significant musical value and the historical turning points which occurred. It is meant to provide a unique viewpoint from the author while familiarizing you with where music comes from and just how it grew and developed over time to what it is today.

There are other chapters on which provide the technicals pertaining to music. See the links below to other sections. I hope you enjoy A Unique Musical History by RDBuras and find it useful. Get started: Naturally Occurring Music >>

Helpful links:

  • For info on musical composing forms, see the chapter on Musical Forms
  • For info on musical words, see the RDBuras Music Dictionary.
  • For info on musical instruments, see the chapter on Instruments. (ongoing project)
  • For info on musical composers, see the chapter on the Great Composers. (future project)
  • For a detailed listing of all chapters and posts on, see the Table of Contents.

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