Naturally Occurring Music

Natural Music

We aren’t the only beings making music. We merely put it to print and invent instruments to make up for our imperfections of tone creation.

The universe makes its own music, has its own spirit. It entertains itself naturally by means of its own cosmic voices. Back home, rushing streams and pounding waterfalls provide a foundation accompanied by wind and wildlife. The forces of nature tell us and the Earth when something is about to happen, a prelude to its upcoming performance.

Naturally Occurring Music in rhythm and harmony with nature

They say that music imitates life. Sometimes it’s the other way around. We all know of various connections our music has with the things around us. Some things just happen naturally and can readily be interpreted as song. Perhaps the rustle of the wind through the trees might be heard as applause for the voice of the songbirds.. and how they love to sing. We know that most creatures are capable of song, not only our feathered friends but mammals, plants, as well as sea creatures. To be honest, one hasn’t heard a true quality composition until closely listening to life in a forest, insect mating rituals or even the beauty of an undersea whale song. We aren’t the only beings making music. We put it to print and invent instruments to make up for our imperfections of tone creation. Even computers have nothing on nature; it’s natural. 😀 Left: While singing an impressive morning song, the Nightingale can reach pitches so high, they are inaudible to the human ear.

In a far away place crashing waves of the sea tumble over one another in steady rhythm with a full moon above and the sands below creating a melancholy song of seduction against its shores. Steady yet gentle breezes join as embellishments which wail into the darkness. She answers again and again drawing back in repetition as many compositions do. Its just one of the many songs of the Earth in which we are blessed to treasure our short time here. Look around. Can you find any naturally occurring musical rhythms or harmonies? You won’t have to look very far. In the Rocky Mountains they say that music even helps trees grow. 😀 Naturally occurring music is a fascination of life. Listen for it.

On the plains the beat of rumbling thunder is heard dancing across the heavens accompanied by the cymbal crash of lightning strikes. A downpour builds into a violent climax as grasses below sway with the movement of gusting winds, each in its own musical timbre. Natural music takes place anywhere and everywhere in an everlasting performance of symphony and song for the entertainment of God. No man made composition nor instruments can compete.

There is definitely something supernatural in this world and music certainly has its effect. “For every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction.” Newton’s Law of Motion was never more true in response to the voice of music. It all comes back and it has to mean something. I myself have heard the mockingbird performing the exact sequence of my automobile alarm. So who’s the real copycat? Easy one for me.