Enharmonic & Diatonic

A chromatic key is described as the pitch of a tone measured in vibrations per second or the pitch range of a composition, scale, or instrument, that range being the distance from the primary keynote to it's octave up or down the scale.

Enharmonic is the identical tone or chord included within a different key or scale.

Diatonic means within the key or the tones (notes) included within that key.

To augment a note, chord, or interval is to increase its pitch frequency or make sharp.

To diminish a note, chord, or interval is to decrease its pitch frequency or make flat.

A diminished or augmented note, chord, or interval is the dissonance of the natural tone.

Understanding chord dissonance is crucial to maintaining key diatonic when composing or performing.

See also chromatic intervals and key signature for additional info.

 Key Enharmonic  Diatonics
 Ab G# Ab · Eb min · C min · Db · Eb · E min · G dim
 A A · E min · Db min · D · E · Gb min · Ab dim
 Bb A# Bb · C min · D min · Eb · F · G min · A dim
 B B · Db min · Eb min · E · Gb · Ab min · Eb dim
 C C · D min · E min · F · Gb · A min · E dim
 Db C# Db · Eb min · F min · Gb · Ab · Eb min · C dim
 D D · E min · Gb min · G · A · E min · Db dim
 Eb D# Eb · F min · G min · Ab · Bb · C min · D dim
 E E · Gb min · Ab min · A · B · Db min · Eb dim
 F F · G min · A min · Bb · C · D min · E dim
 Gb F# Gb · Ab min · Bb min · B · Db · Eb min · F dim
 G G · A min · B min · C · D · E min · Gb dim
 Dissonance  Equivalent Assignment
 _aug _#5 augmented triad
 _(no 3rd) _5 root and 5th
 _6/7sus4 _6/7sus sus4 triad plus 6th and minor 7th
 _dom7 _7 major triad and minor 7th
 _7/add11 _7/11 minor triad · minor 7th plus 11th
 _2 _add9 major triad and minor 9th
 _sus _sus4 4th from major triad minus 3rd
 _#7 _major7 major triad · major 7th
 _sus2 _add9 2nd from major triad minus 3rd
 _6/9 _6add9 major triad plus 6th add 9th
 _9(#7) _major9 major triad · major 9th plus 7th
 _m7 _minor7(b5) dim triad · half dim minor 7th
 _9 _dom9 major triad · minor 7th plus 9th