Music of Biblical Times

Biblical Musical References

We’re still in the ancient world but things are slowly progressing. Musicians were now learning instead of just making noise. Lots of musical discovery took place during these times. The best was surely yet to come. Practice practice practice.

Was there music in Biblical days? There are references to music and performers as well as dancers in the bible’s historical records but what did it sound like? It sounded just like the instruments and how the players felt at the time. What else would it sound like? Music was alive the world over in everything from the ancient snake charmers pipes in India to the trumpets and drummers of the ancient orient. In the middle east there were pan flutes, drums, and singers.

Just when did it start and end? It started at death and ended with birth. We’re humans. We can’t help ourselves. There were kings and their courts to be entertained and yes, slaves too singing at work or crying in sorrow for the lack of freedom or self expression.

Was there organized music during biblical times? Yes, a beginning to some extent but I doubt it was anything close to modern Gospel. Most likely it was no more than a few getting together and each doing his own thing and every once in a while, actually sounding good enough together to entertain someone else. The majority of people were likely preoccupied with the struggle of a hard daily life. Music and musical performers were a rare happenstance and amazement among the common peoples. Royalty on the other hand, kept their own performers on hand, usually slaves themselves, for visitors or their own mood swings. Most musicians of ancient times were soloist I would think, occasionally accompanied.

Does music possess any supernatural powers over man and nature? Yep. I can make you laugh, cry, jump and dance with mine and once in a while create a cloud or even bring on the rain. We like to call it love but I suspect there is much more to it.

The musical styles of biblical days was actually Ancient music. It was there but has mostly faded to a mystery to modern man. The people of biblical times drank wine, danced and sang. We’ve been singing praises in churches, synagogs, and temples since the beginning of religion too. Music most certainly was a happy part of the daily life of many during biblical days. The bible even contains an entire book of Psalms or songs of praise. I’ll take that as proof.

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