Xylophone, Glockenspiel

The Xylophone is

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Diagram of the Xylophone


Use of the Xylophone

The Xylophone player holds the mallet beat sticks in either hand between the thumb and index finger, across the palm of the hand, with palms facing down.

The player strikes the center of the tone bars for maximum resonance. 

At times the player will use two mallets in one hand or even cross the arms over one another to reach the notes. 

The top of the xylophone should be slightly below the waistline. 


Song Featuring the Xylophone

Video Left: Christian Rock recording artists 'For King and Country' perform 'Proof of Your Love' at the KLOVE radio studios Nashville, Tn in 2012.

Where in the Orchestra

Instruments similar in construction and use to the xylophone are the dulcimer, the glockenspiel, the marimba, and the tubaphone.


The xylophone shares with other 'tuned' and 'untuned' percussion instruments the area encircling the rear of the orchestra.

Noteworthy Xylophonists and Percussionists


George Hamilton Green


Red Norvo


Yoichi Hiraoka


Evelyn Glennie