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 Video left: R. Douglas Wright demonstrates the trombone.

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Diagram of the Trombone


Use of the Trombone

The Trombone player performs seated or standing holding the instrument with both hands.

The player leans the instrument slightly on the shoulders, blowing air into the mouthpiece while vibrating the lips.

The player holds the instrument with the left hand grasping the cross-stay closest to the mouthpiece.

The right hand grips the slide cross-stay while moving the slide in and outward to change the pitch of the tones played.


There are several types of trombones and similarly constructed instruments. See the different types of trombones on the Brass Section page. Image: bass trombone


Where in the Orchestra?

The trombones are seated toward the right rear in the orchestra, right of the trumpets and left of the cellos.

Noteworthy Trombone Players


Friedrich August Belcke


Arthur Willard Pryor


Weldon 'Jack' Teagarden

15. Last Night of the Proms in Cracow, Christian Lindberg, Opera house Kraków, Music events in 2010,

Christian Lindberg