Oboe, Cor Anglais

The Oboe

The oboe, info coming soon.

Diagram of the Oboe


Use of the Oboe

The oboe player plays seated grasping the instrument with both hands resting it on the thumbs. It is typically held at a 30-40 degree angle.

The player holds the mouthpiece to the mouth with the lower teeth gently against  the reed. The top teeth generally gently bite the top of the mouthpiece.

The player's left hand fingers cover the sound holes and press the key mechanisms to produce the different pitched notes.

The right hand performs the same as the left except further down the barrel.


Similar instruments in the clarinet group are the Oboe, Oboe D'amore, English horn, Bass Oboe, Cor Anglais, Clarinet, and Bassoon. See other instruments in the Woodwind Section.


Where in the Orchestra?

The oboes are seated centrally in the orchestra, behind the violas, right of the flutes, and in front of the bassoons.

Noteworthy Oboe Players


Johann Jacob Bach


Friedrich Ramm


Leon Goosens


Evelyn Rothwell