A Musical Millennium

Did You Know? What’s the difference? A note is seen. A tone is heard. The performer reads the note, then plays or sings the tone.

download media symbolA New Millennium

Big news! We’re reached plug n play status! 😀 Actually, the point and click generation never had it so easy. Thanks to not only personal computers but tablets, palm-helds, smartphones, jet packs, and digital apps of every kind therein, we carry our music with us literally right at our fingertips.

It seems that devices, gadgets and computers are playing a larger and larger role in the making and performance of our music. The more we reach for convenience, the more we lose touch. As we progress into technology, we lose a lot. Things like collecting albums, autographs, or concert ticket stubs become a thing of the past while good old fashioned jamming is handed over to preprogrammed keyboards, sound loops, and digitally created tones.

So where does the real music land in all this? Are we losing the fight?

Well, we’re not caving in without a fight. Music certainly is still being made and played by real musicians. Some use the bots to make their music while others stick to old school reliability and grab their instruments. We’re not giving up what’s real nor the real purpose of it all.

The wonderful thing is that there are still musicians out there carrying a six-string on their back making real music and sharing it with others. We’ve still got the church choirs, high school bands, the Friday night gigs, street performers, and the theatre. We march in parades and celebrate festivals. Even the military has a vast selection of musical groups. Most every city of any culture has its own symphony orchestra. The original musical concept, producing art from heart, somehow survives.