The Bassoon has gone through many changes over the centuries just as many renowned composers have featured it in their musical works.

Diagram of the Bassoon & Double Bassoon


Use of the Bassoon

As with most instruments, the bassoon player performs seated with the bassoon leaning to the left.

The player holds the instrument with the left hand.

The left hand fingers and thumb control the keys and finger holes.

The right hand is used just as the left hand to press the keys and finger holes to reach the different pitches of tones.



The Hornbostel–Sachs System classifies the Bassoon as a free reed aerophone which produce sound through the vibrations of a reed when air is blown through a frame or pipe with finger holes.


Where in the Orchestra

The bassoons are seated centrally in the orchestra behind the oboes, to the right of the clarinets and saxophones, and in front of the trumpets.

Song Featuring the Bassoon

Video Left: Rui Lopes performs Debussy's 'La fille aux cheveux de lin' from 'Preludes' accompanied by Coline Marie Orliac on harp.

Noteworthy Bassoonists


Anna Marsh


Karen Borca


Gareth Newman


Alexandr Alexandrov