The Desperate Scenario

Too Far Gone

Imagine yourself in a bad way; urgent life threatening way. You have no help. You have nobody; not a friend, no family, no one. You are severely physically injured. Your life is hanging by a thread; your condition worsening by the day. You are now totally helpless. You cannot even take care of yourself. No bodily functions will work; completely incapacitated; there is no sleep. Suffering long term sleep deprivation, long term starvation, long term poverty. You have no money.

What will you do? Will you put up one last fight for your life’s survival with all you have? Let me ask you, just how will you do that? Before you answer thinking you’re a strong and willing fighter, remember the above. You have nothing to fight with. What will you do? How will you fight? And don’t tell me God; we both know better.

Finding oneself in such a scenario I would think that one would consider it a true tragedy. I suppose the better question would be: How do you think it would make you feel? You cannot imagine the disheartening level of disappointment in everything you’ve ever thought, been told, or taught. All of those people are gone now.

Think About It

I left out one important thing: You are alone. So here you are. All by yourself. You have no one. Of those you’ve asked, no one will help you with anything in any way. You’re bad sick, weak, exhausted, can’t breath, heart pounding for lack of strength to pump your blood, and hurting in pain like living in a bonfire suddenly falling to subzero and back again constantly. You are defenseless, sick, alone and helpless. Now what?

Your mind can’t think straight for the long term lack of sleep yet is racing. You imagine everything; things you never imagined before. You question everything and everyone in ways you’ve never even considered. You’re thinking: All those people that supposedly loved me? Is this really the state of hearts and minds that my country and countrymen have finally reached? Is there really a God?

More Than You Know

So much can, will and does happen to you since each problem in itself creates other problems. It’s like searching for life in the dark. Imagine an evil world around you that simply does not care. Your rights are constantly violated by all of them. Crime is free to do as it pleases with you. No one will stop them. No one is going to protect you. Neighbors and strangers lie to hurt you in bad ways for no reason other than you are there; an easy target. The young and cruel torment you with acts of terrorism because as before; you’re an easy target, alone, defenseless, helpless.

Many of you might say you would turn to the system for help. But how can you do that? It doesn’t fit the scenario; you have no help, no one. You’ve already tried that.

I think life works different for some; all the rules are different; all the effects and all the results. People tell you what to do, where to go, just how it works. It works for them. It does not work for some. Go here, see them, do this, they will help you, they will do so and so, they will provide such and such. Yet, for some, they won’t and they don’t.

I don’t know how to end this one. Looks like I’m going to suffer human cruelty to death. I don’t have the answer. Forgive me for not reaching a conclusion for you. If I had to list those, I’d be here another eight pages of disappointment in you. I always said that we’re better than this. We can do better. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks so.

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