Law of the Lawless

The Law of Lawlessness

They claim it’s Justice yet call it Love, that they have a secret prison. Well, being criminals themselves it has nothing to do with any kind of justice or prison and certainly not love. It is an industry which uses technology to hold the lives of American citizens hostage for commercial enslavement. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Do you really want to join up with a global organized crime syndicate? If so, then stick around. will fill you in on what you can expect from them.

I fully intend to expose every facet of their criminal activity taking place right before your ears and eyes while all of our authorities allow it and most use it against us. The very crimes which most of you are undoubtedly aware of but continue to deny as if it doesn’t exist. You figure that your only avenue of dodging any responsibility while achieving self protection is to pretend not to know.

Most of you pretend not to know yet use it constantly against others. You can’t help yourself. Once you know, you cannot deny it no matter how hard you try; evil is funny that way, so is vanity. And most of you simply deny it so you can think that you have some secret weapon to use against those you lie to, as if you are so much smarter than the rest of us that we could not know. What am I talking about? You can keep pursuing it and you’ll find out the hard way or you can read on.

The many crimes you see listed on the main stage of the site section called Love are most committed or sent by law enforcement or other local government personnel. They refuse to think of themselves as civil servants working for us but rather, see themselves as self appointed civil rulers over us reigning in tyranny and crime. I’m kind of getting ahead of myself here. There’s a lot you need to learn before getting to this point which will take numerous articles to make.

How do they do it? Radio is spying into our homes. So is television. So is government personnel working with them including the military. It is an evil crime ring of playing God. And since God’s been drug into their crimes, so has religion, all religion in the United States. Yes, your church Pastor is working for the system. He doesn’t believe in a real God yet will pretend to for you to remain their slave of broadcast and film. They want to “save you” by selling your life over the public airways, calling it eternal life. Do not go to any church seeking help. They take your personal information to share with authorities for background checks as well as seek government funding for helping you; help which they never offered in most cases. True, I’ve listened to numerous Sunday sermons which amounted to no more than some preacher playing I saw it on my tv games with his congregation.

They are truly insane with criminal evil and blatant constitutional violations against the people of America. I’ve barely said anything here, hardly touched on all there truly is to it. It will take me numerous articles to spell it all out for you but I intend to do so in all earnest effort to inform the unaware and seek the destruction of the current organized criminal system of the United States, if it is in fact, the system, and not just some criminal invasion of our lives. I’m pretty sure though that it is the system and the government has become our enemies at all levels. For those of brainwashed in recent decades to believe that this is how America works, please allow me to correct that thinking. This is certainly not how America works. It is what corrupt government personnel, global corporate networks, and organized crime have done to America. Please don’t follow along in blind traitorous obedience. Fight for your lives while you still can. I am literally being murdered via denial of medical care for a life threatening injury.

Overdue Responses

On a personal note, I’ve been their victim first hand and I wasn’t even guilty of a damn thing wrong. I was just unlucky enough to be taken hostage as a small child and made a corporate slave for my whole life. This is how I reached such massive success in the music industry, but not in the music business.

That said, here’s my long overdue response: I’m not sure if you are aware of the current devil beast of a system of things we’re living in but what’s mine is mine and will remain so. I don’t care who steals my work under what pretenses or how this organized crime of a government sees anything, I made it, created it and composed it, sang it and played it before anyone knew of it and it belongs to me. I’ve not signed over any legal or financial rights nor transfer of such to anyone. It is my property, period; they stole it via espionage; and that goes for literally hundreds of songs over my lifetime.

Some of us are smart enough to credit the evils of this world to this world where it belongs. After all, who wants to serve a machine, a corrupt government, and a global organized crime syndicate and call it God? Not me. And if I’m wrong in the end, so be it. You’ve made billions to hundreds of billions of dollars off me every year and you owe me $240 billion, and this is only my fair cut of the profits with no losses to you. Pay me now for my music, songs, stories and lifelong enslavement.

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