Help Us Out Here

“Help is on the Way!”

Some people need help. I dare to venture to say that we all will one day unless you’re rich.

But let me ask you.. what the hell is wrong with you people? Why is it you think worldwide that anyone needing help isn’t worth keeping alive or anyone who wants to help, isn’t worth supporting? Huh? Why is it that so many out there are so damned hateful that they want to hurt someone for helping others? They want to hurt someone who is already hurting and needs help? Yeh, I know.. kick ’em when they’re down, right?

I have been seeking medical help for 12 years of regular denial from all doctors and hospitals which I have been to. Some even pretended to help me acting like they cared while actually worsening my condition. For all the germs, viruses, accidents, injuries, illnesses, and disease which I have suffered in my life, I have not once, never known any medical healing. I was blind for three years due to an on the job injury which I was outright denied any medical help for by both my employer and the medical community. I have suffered inhumanly horrible cruelty for the last 10 years while medical personnel simply push me aside, refuse to help me, using any tactic they know to deny me any help or healing. They won’t help my suffering. They won’t do anything to heal me. I do not understand how people get old in the United States with no medical care, in a system of corporate money making which has no regard for the sanctity of human life or compassion for the suffering. Your experiences may be different. I don’t know how. I have never once been able to convince a doctor, if I even got to see one, to dedicate themselves to helping my suffering or healing me. How do you get medical care in America? I have insurance somewhat, Medicaid provided by Social Security but that does not get me any help. Someone please help me! I am pleading for my life as I have been for over 10 years. Please, I beg of you.

Sorry friend, I never was any good at evil. I don’t know. I just couldn’t bring myself to learn it, had no interest. Help is getting to find these days and even harder to hold on to if you find some. Three times this year I’ve been made to start over with all means of my survival, twice this summer. I used to be an electrical engineer and craftsman. I worked hard at too paying into the system like everybody else in those days. I liked it. I didn’t make a lot of money as you might think. Spending my life in the southern U.S. states, they don’t pay that much and a large part of the time, they’ll just rip you off with no pay, so I didn’t get to build my IRA or nest egg, or retirement home or put anything back to live on when I could no longer work. But don’t kid yourself, I still want to.

So I need help, simple as that. Lots of people do. I’m not getting paid to write on this website either. If it wasn’t all free, I wouldn’t be here but I find what I can to do what I can. I am and never was lazy. But enough about me. It’s all about you. Why? Simple. It’s all you care about. I know enough to know that this website would never get a glance being about me. It has to be about you or you just can’t relate and it carries no meaning.

You’re a selfish bastard. And everybody’s guilty. We’re not all fatherless but sometimes people act like it, like no one ever told them the difference being caring about others and caring only about yourself. Admit it. You too have forgotten at times and was only interested in having your way. I grew up in America, back when it was the real one. We had a rule back then that kept things in perspective. We looked out for each and others as well who weren’t one of our own, all over the world. We cared and there was one rule among us that led the way: The majority rules. We took a vote. And we did what most people wanted us to do. We weren’t the kind either to tolerate those who went against the vote. It’s how it was done.

What happened? One day somebody decided too many unworthy things and it got greedy. Pride the is source of all of conflicts in history and life and man. King Solomon says so, sorta. Thinking only of yourself became the norm in America, all the way to constitutional violation and someone like me being punished and persecuted for being constitutional, or patriotic, or simply truthful, honest. All that’s a no no now. Now you got a free for all of selfishness and nobody cares. Maybe so, somewhere, but not around my life for a long time.

Isn’t it great? To get your way despite how everybody else feels or even the laws of the land? That’s how we got queer marriage; people who have no regard for what anyone else wants or even the laws, so selfish that they only want their own way no matter what; people that would destroy a nation and millions of lives just for their wicked jollies.

I don’t know where to take this article. I’m at a loss just to think about the scope of help and the directions it can go. So you tell me. Who’s going to help? Are you? Somebody else maybe? Who’s going to help you when you get there or something goes wrong? One can only be an island for so long. Think about it and get back to me.

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